Time passes

Everybody have a reason to live

I am really shocked by the EXOTIC (although I'm not a fan of EXO) but I’m really shocked and disappointed to see that some people do not value the lives of others. You can wait a few days for your famous comeback, this is not going to change the face of the world if it is repelling. Be less selfish. Shame on you.



Pray for the family, for the victim, for those still missing. Pray for the country.

Sorry everybody. All of the video of B1A4 concert in Yokohama are deleted.

So i delet my post too. If i find some other video i post them in my tumblr.

+ i can’t give you the video of :

  • Because of you
  • Oh my god
  • Yesterday
  • Bling girl
  • In the air
  • Pretty

because they are deleted by copyright

All of the video are deleted

I will post some video of B1A4 concert in yokohama for someone who want to see the performance.

It’s not my video, i find them in youtube.

OH MY GOD. THE WALKING DEAD 4x14 …. This episode is so… OH MY GOD

If someone can make some gifs of Lee Sem on this video (she is at 1m26). I will be very happy, this girl miss me so much.

Perfect Sem.

(Source : aeima)

My god lee sem i miss you … :( you’re so beautiful.

(Source : aeima)

Omo Hon leaving MR.MR ……………………………………….


Somebody can make more gif of Eunkwang, Hyunsik and Minhyuk from Beep beep mv please?